Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Recently, the subject of speed limits along Highway 160 through town has made it's way into discussions among Pahrumpians on Facebook and the comment sections of traffic-related accidents in the Pahrump Valley Times. Most of the comments are from people that apparently support the idea of increasing the speed limit from 35mph through town to 45+. One comment suggested that raising the speed limit to 45 would only result in drivers, who already exceed the posted speed limit, will simply drive that much faster and I tend to agree with that speculation.

Many drivers around Pahrump completely ignore and far exceed the speed limits all over town, even in school zones and it disgusts me to see. Accidents abound in this town and greatly outnumber the common ratio found in other small towns across America. Just this year alone we lost 2 local citizens in fatal traffic accidents including the high-profile case involving a detention center employee last week. This past week a motorcyclist was critically injured when he was struck by a car. Late last year a motorcyclist was killed riding through the intersection at Highway 160 and Basin during the Fall Festival because the driver that hit him "didn't see him" when they turned left in front of him.

And not all of these accidents are being caused by elderly drivers. During the holiday season last December, I witnessed a newer model pickup truck traveling at about 60mph South on Homestead Rd approaching the Lakeside casino and the driver was in such a hurry decided to dangerously pass three cars in a single pass as he crossed the intersection of Homestead and Thousandaire. It was insane! Had someone been exiting the parking lot at Lakeside, the convenience store/gas station or simply crossing the intersection there would have been a fatal accident for certain. The driver apparently didn't care that his construction business placard was on the side of the truck so I know who it was. Obviously he knew he could get away with driving recklessly in this town or he would have removed the placard.

What we need is the local Sheriff's department and local division of the Nevada State Patrol to enforce the speed limits already in place and not just along Highway 160. I also believe our county should consider more automated signals in those critical intersections where accidents seem to happen every week.

I walk a lot around the center of town on the weekends, it's great exercise and saves on gas, not to mention the reduced risk of being a victim in a car accident however I'm afraid of the way people drive and I'm wondering how long before I'll have to dive for my life to avoid someone that thinks they're invincible and immune from having an accident while in a rush to get no-where fast.

Don't raise the speed limits, enforce the limits we have. Make the people of this town aware that they either abide by the law and think about the safety of our citizens, including our children, or pay a hefty fine until they do. And for you ignorant, simple-minded, inconsiderate drivers that think you'll never be involved in an accident that involves serious injury or death PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!